Sexual Performance (updated)


To other it’s instinct;

It’s natural.

But to me,

It’s a performance:

Right hand down your back,

Left hand up your thigh,

I lick you here,

Kiss you there,

You moan,



After years of practice

I’ve mastered the role;

I am a seasoned sexual performer:

I pull you close,

Part your legs,

Lick you there,

Kiss you here,

You moan,



You almost believe me;

You do believe me.

You melt in my hands,

Begging for more:

More licks,

More kisses,

More passion,

More sex.


But if you look close enough

You’ll see past the illusion.

You’ll see how I hesitate,

How rigid my movements are as I reach for you.


If you look close enough,

And see past the illusion,

You might think I lack a drive.

You might think I have no passion;

No true passion.

That my hesitation and my rigidness are a sign of disinterest;

Disinterested in you,

In your body,

In this moment,

This beautiful moment.


I am a sexual actor

And my movements may seem methodical

Well calculated

Carefully thought out

And they are

I plan my every move

Track your reaction

And formulate a proper response

And though I may not receive pleasure

for the act itself

I get the biggest joy from seeing you

Enjoy the show.




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