This is a cleansing period.

A time to clean out old wounds,

Dirty from neglect.

A time to allow the familiar sting to resurface

So that it can heal properly this time.


This is not Sexual!


Hey yall!…. punks.

I’ve set sail on a new artistic adventure: I’ve made a zine!

Titled “This is not Sexual,” this informational illustrated zine is on a mission to desexualize the naked body, because all a naked body is … is naked.

Want one? Order one or some for free here!

The Asexual Journal

Hey yall….whoever you are…

Recently, I’ve contributed some of my written and artistic work to the 4th issue of the Asexual Journal.

The Asexual Journal is a culmination of work by, or about, the asexual experience. all put together by the wonderful Michael Paramo.

Check out the 4th issues of the Asexual Journal here.